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Repair: We fix all brands of commercial two-way radios, mobile radio and emergency vehicle (lights and siren) installations, base/repeater radio, antenna systems and tower light and site interference.

Dispatch consoles for controlling multiple base stations from one to many operator positions.

Voice recorders for recording radio and/or telephone conversations. Tapeless models are available for any need, and including 20-year archival storage options.

Secure voice systems that prevent eavesdropping on two-way radio and cellular conversations.

Customer-owned paging that allows you to instantly contact personnel on your site without paying monthly fees.

Nurse call paging systems that alert you with the room number where assistance is needed. This can be adapted to similar situations and is not limited to nurse stations.

Trunked radio systems for those that need many "channel" talk groups that are independent from each other.

Automatic vehicle location tracks and displays your vehicles on a computerized map. This displays and records each vehicle's location, route, speed, and whether or not the engine (or some accessory item) is running.

Mobile data systems provide either one-way or two-way text communications from the base to your vehicles. Mobile printers, credit card readers and other devices are available. This may be combined with vehicle location.

Remote site monitoring/SCADA systems monitor any function that you can measure electronically. Some ideas are:

  • Water tower level
  • Irrigation system operation
  • Radio alarms for intrusion or temperature
  • Process control

Information can be logged into a computer. Alerts can be sent via two-way radio with voice recording, telephone call or by pager.

Police and emergency vehicle installation: bring us your vehicle and we install everything you need. We supply equipment from Gall's, Streicher's and Sho-Me.

Police Radar: See how fast traffic is moving.

In-car video systems record picture and sound to document events.

Vehicular repeaters extend your portable's range to that of the mobile radio. Radio direction-finding service to locate a radio transmitter.

Wireless networking links computer networks. We can move high-speed data between buildings without wiring or monthly charges. Range is limited only by your budget.

VOIP technology puts voice over any data network. You can link telephone or intercom systems without phone company charges.

RF system design and engineering including coverage studies: Our expertise and computerized engineering system accurately predicts system coverage and provides a color-coded map. Tell us the coverage you need and we can design the system for you.

Exclusive line of emergency equipment products for police and emergency vehicles. Control lights and any other function via one small, easy-to-use switch system.

Remote car starters that keep your car warm, windows clear and lock/unlock doors up to 1/4 miles away. Our car starters give you positive indication of the remote function.

FCC license application preparation: we take the hassle out of filling out government forms for your radio system!

Tower site management: This includes tower light monitoring, tower inspection, painting, intrusion detection and resolving co-user interference problems.

Video surveillance and recording systems keep your business secure. VCR, time-lapse and state of the art digital systems are available.

Engineering custom solutions for customer-specific applications: just because your need is unique doesn't mean that it can't be done. Meet with us, tell us what you want and we will take it from there!

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