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Towers for Lease:
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          Roger's Two Way Radio maintains eight communication towers in several cities shown on the map.These towers range from 180 to
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500 feet in height and are of heavy-duty design. Towers up to 54-inch face width are available for lease at a variety of height considerations.
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          Each tower site has a secure building at its base, usually of metal or concrete, to house
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the communications equipment. Some companies bring in their own buildings for large installations such as broadcast or cellular. Almost all of our tower properties are enclosed in a secure fence and have alarm protection. Many of our sites have generator backup for continuous power.
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Why lease tower space?

          Most tower sites are located in the most advantageous hills and high spots already taken. With the current trend of no-more permits being available, in a lot of areas,

leasing tower space is the only alternative in many parts of the country. When you lease tower space, all the worry of maintaining the structure, insurance, painting, lighting, building maintenance, and climate are taken care of for you. Your antenna is located at a predetermined height and the communications equipment installed into the provided building. It's the owner's problem to maintain and provide the services that you are paying for. Getting a good tower site location on the edge of town can make a real difference in the total performance of your communication system.
How high must I be for good coverage?
          Roger's Two Way has been in the tower leasing business since 1980 and has a lot of experience in this field. Our special topography generated computer
programs will provide a realistic approach to solving this problem. Height verses range is a trade off of many factors. Just putting up an antenna as high as possible is not the solution. The frequency and average terrain are important considerations and line loss is a critical factor. Yes, it is possible to put an antenna so high that all the signal is eaten up in the transmission line before it gets to the antenna. This is why communication antennas are usually below 400 feet. Skip (interference) becomes a major issue as you ascend higher off the ground. No use having great communication distances if everyone is interfering with your transmissions all day.
What do I do next?
          If you are interested in leasing tower space on any of our eight towers please contact Roger or Doug at 218-751-3077. They will arrange to consult with you.
regarding location and your critical system requirements. Licensing and installation can be provided as part of our total service package.
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